Blog | Monday, May 26, 2008

Medical News of the Obvious

Why is it always the studies about young adults and drinking that are the most absurd?

Exhibit A:

STUDY FINDS 21ST BIRTHDAY BINGE DRINKING EXTREMELY COMMON, reports the American Psychological Association. From the press release:

"'This study provides the first empirical evidence that 21st birthday drinking is a pervasive custom in which binge drinking is the norm', said Patricia C. Rutledge, PhD, the study's lead author."

But wait! Let's not get too hasty, the release cautions:

"These findings may not apply to all college-age students in the United States. The data in this study were obtained from a single Midwestern university and most of the participants were white."

...The next item, from the AP via the Washington Post's online health section, sets the tone right out the gates with a stop-the-presses headline:
It goes on to say that a victim has a better chance of surviving being trapped under rubble if s/he isn't seriously hurt, is in good overall health, and if the weather isn't extreme. Oh, and also: infants and the elderly are especially vulnerable in this situation.

Huh. Who woulda thunk.