Blog | Saturday, May 17, 2008

Schedule your day by handout (really!)

I have found that, when undecided about a session, it's worthwhile to check out the handout, and boy, am I glad I did that today. Based on the title and the course description, "Ethical Challenges: Confronting Dual Loyalties When Seeing Patients on Behalf of a Third Party" sounded like a snoozefest.

In fact, it was a fascinating discussion of the ethical conflicts faced by military physicians who treat detainees at places like Guantanamo Bay. There was role-playing, lots of audience participation with interesting anecdotes from other military docs in the session, and analysis of how the dilemmas faced by these physicians have parallels in civilian medicine.

Sadly, there was a very small audience, probably because no one clicked through the dry course description ("What are the confidentiality/disclosure/consent implications in third party evaluation circumstances?") to get to the juicy handout. A lesson for next year...