Blog | Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strange bedfellows

As new evidence that the drive for universal coverage is gaining momentum, the Securities and Exchange Commission has sided with labor unions, priests, and American Indians in their efforts to make big business come out in favor of expanding health care access.

It made headlines last year when Wal-Mart joined with major labor unions to express their mutual concern about health coverage. But as this New York Times article reports, the allies on this issue have gotten even more diverse. The story quotes nuns and priests who have negotiated with corporations like GE to get corporate backing for at least the idea of universal coverage.

Particularly notable is who's not joining this motley crew, according to the story. United Health and big tobacco--is anyone surprised?

The actual project--putting proposals in support of the IoM's principles for health reform on shareholder ballots--is unlikely to have any practical impact. But, if the proposals pass, it would be another indicator of the widespread support for real health reform (i.e., if even people well-off enough to own stocks want change, maybe it's time that something will happen).