Blog | Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confirming our suspicions

The whole country--ok, those of us who pay a lot of attention to health policy--has been waiting to see the results of Massachusetts' experimentation with mandatory health coverage. Now, the results of a study of the program (explained in this New York Times article) so totally confirm everything that the College has been saying about the uninsured, it sounds like one of our advocacy papers.

First, the good news...the study found that the newly available, affordable coverage reduced the ranks of the uninsured by half, bumped up the use of preventive care, and did not cause employers to drop coverage.

BUT, the article says, "Undercutting the positive trends for Massachusetts are signs that the state's supply of primary care physicians is not sufficient to handle the increased demand created by newly insured residents." The study found that although overall fewer people are going without needed care, inability to find a doctor is becoming a more common reason for not receiving care.

It's uncharitable to say "I told you so," but did we tell them or what?