Blog | Sunday, June 15, 2008

Endo 08: Diabetes gender gap

As soul icon James Brown told us, "This is a man's world."

Ioanna Gouni-Berthold, MD, can attest to that: her new study of almost 45,000 type 2 diabetics shows women with comorbid heart disease get less intensive medical treatment for, and have poorer control of, their diabetes and heart disease than comorbid men. Specifically, the women were 44% more likely than men to have high LDL, yet 15% less likely to get lipid-lowering medication. The women were also 19% more likely to have uncontrolled high BP, and 15% more likely to have poor long-term control of their blood glucose level.

These findings may explain why death from heart disease has decreased among diabetic men in the past 25 years, but it hasn't decreased for diabetic women, said Dr. Gouni-Berthold, a professor of medicine at the University of Cologne in Germany.

...A second study unveiled here found that it's important to stress exercise in type 2 diabetic men, no matter what their body type. That's because maintaining a moderate fitness level can reduce the risk of death by 40-50% for diabetic men, even if they are obese or overweight.