Blog | Monday, June 16, 2008

Endo '08: Hypoglycemia in diabetes

A session on "Innovative Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of Hypoglycemia in Diabetes," by Stephen Davis, MD, was so packed that there was a horde outside the room watching the lecture on a TV screen, and a staffer blocking the door so no one else went in the room ("The fire marshall will have our heads," she said.)

The upshot was that there are multiple approaches under investigation that aim to amplify counterregulatory responses during hypoglycemia. Various recent studies, which point the way for future research and treatment, have found:
  • Patients who were given troglitazone for 7 days had increased glucagon.
  • Fructose significantly increases epinephrine and endogenous glucose production.
  • After 7-days, caffeine-replete patients had significantly improved hypoglycemia awareness and response.
  • Oral ingestions of amino acids for hypoglycemia can increase glucagon responses during hypoglycemia.
  • SSRIs can progects against the deletrious effects of hypoglycemia. Non-depressed type 1 diabetics who took fluoxetine saw dramatic increases in norepinephrine and epinephrine , and their muscle and nerve activity also significantly increased.