Blog | Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking for a profitable sideline?

One of the perks of writing for ACP Internist is being on the receiving end of random, tangentially medical press releases, and a stranger-than-usual one came in today.

Acccording to the release, an orthopedic surgeon from Nevada was performing a trauma surgery when he noticed that the reconstructive plate he was using could be made into "an awesome ring." After he started wearing his home- (or hospital?) made jewelry around, patients and colleagues wanted their own. So now, at the Hard Rock Cafe of all places, Dr. Mike Crovetti is selling jewelry modeled on reconstructive plates. (At least, we're assuming the earrings, bracelets and rings are replicas, rather than leftover surgical supplies. Although, wait, that might be an idea--another option for reducing hospital waste.)

Targeted customers include extreme athletes who want bragging rights about the crazy injuries they've brought on themselves, the release said. No word on whether you get a discount if the hardware comes from your own joint re-replacement.

And if you really must know more, here's a link to the Web site.