Blog | Monday, June 9, 2008

Medical News of the Obvious

A new study, published in Nature, finds that humans, instead of foraging over large areas for food as they did in millenia past, now spend most of their time in two primary locations. To determine this, scientists used cell phone towers to track the movements of 100,000 people.

Explained a study author to the Washington Post, "We can't say for certain exactly which location people are going to. But we assume, of course, that the two preferred locations are a person's place of work and their home." A news story from the journal adds the additional groundbreaking information that people "pepper these [commutes] with occasional longer forays such as vacations."

Um, do you really need a PhD in physics and an elaborate (and potentially privacy-invading, according to some commenters) study to figure out that people work, go home and take vacations?

Meanwhile, a study in Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice reveals that obesity and depression may be connected. It seems depressed people have a hard time eating well and exercising because, uh, they are depressed, so that leads to obesity.