Blog | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is there a web cam in your future?

Evisits--they come up in every lecture about the future of medicine (because patients love the idea of not having to leave home or work to get medical care), but no one seems to have come up with a plan that's really feasible for widespread implementation.

A couple of months ago, we profiled a few effective uses of telemedicine, all of which involve trained providers on both ends of the web cam. One interesting application of the technology that didn't make the story (because we couldn't get anyone from there to talk to us) is the Health-e-station, which purports to be a totally self-serve health care walk-in center. But now, Medical Economics reports that a new online marketplace is trying a more expansive effort, offering physicians and patients from across the country the chance to connect online and have web-only consultations and relationships. It's still a little hard to picture how this will work...will your patients soon be contorting themselves over their Macbooks to give you a clear shot of their nasal passages?