Blog | Monday, July 28, 2008

Medical News of the Obvious

Only one lone Obvious candidate this week, but it's a good one:

Someone did a study to come to the stunning realization that people who attend AA are more likely to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes than the general population.
In other words, people who are in treatment for an addictive behavior are actually more likely to have other addictive behaviors.

Ok, to be fair, the study's authors already knew that people in AA tend to like their joe 'n' smokes, but wanted to quantify the difference between AA and non-AA folks. Also, they wanted to delve into the reasons people like these substances. Here's one theory, put forth by the study's corresponding author:

"Is this behavior simply a way to bond or connect in AA meetings, analogous to the peace pipe among North American Indians?"

Ah, yes, the Peace Pipe Hypothesis. Perhaps we'll be treated to a follow-up study....