Blog | Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Viva Viagra....for Ladies?

JAMA just issued a press release about a new study showing that sildenafil-- i.e. Viagra-- helps reduce sexual dysfunction in women on antidepressants (for whom such dysfunction is a common side effect.)

My first question, naturally, is: How are they going to modify for women those cheesy "Viva Viagra" commercials that are now geared toward Boomer males with sterotypical tastes in Harleys, saxophone rock and women 10 years younger than them? What will be the female analogue to the cartoon devil's horns that sprout from the men's heads when the Viagra kicks in?

You can bet yourself a round of Cosmos they aren't going to call it Viagra For Women.

Anyone have any ideas on how they might market this to the fairer sex?