Blog | Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Medical news from overseas

First, from Iran, news reports that should make U.S. internists glad that their biggest problems are low reimbursement and noncompliant patients. Two Iranian AIDS researchers, who are also brothers, were arrested in June and have not been heard from since. Physicians for Human Rights is asking people, especially health professionals, to sign a petition for their release.

Then, in a controversy closer to home, NYC med schools and hospitals are battling over whether the hospitals can make a profitable deal to provide a large number of clerkships to students of a Caribbean med school. The med schools argue that the deal will squeeze their students out of clerkships and force them to raise tuition higher than the U.S. average, while the hospitals say they need the money. However, the argument, and the New York Times article, devolves into a nasty debate about the value of foreign medical education, with one hospital representative comparing NYC med schools to children crying, "Daddy, I can't have my free candy anymore." Whoa.