Blog | Monday, August 11, 2008

Medical news of the obvious

Having excess fat surrounding your heart is more likely to cause heart attacks than excess fat around your waist, a study in Obesity finds. Also, accidentally hitting your thumb while hammering is more likely to bruise your thumb than your shoulder. (That comes from a "study" I conducted in my living room the other week.)

Also, in obesity news: People who live in more walkable neighborhoods are less likely to be overweight or obese than people who live in neighborhoods where they have to drive everywhere, according to a study in the September American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Also, people who live down the street from a great pizza joint are more likely to spontaneously bring home a pie for dinner than those who don't. (Again, based on personal research.)

And, a series of headlines from the Washington Post that require (or deserve?) no explanation:

Brain Slow to Judge Fast-Moving Objects Head-On
Many Women Struggle With Challenge of a Newborn
Study: Restaurant kids' meals loaded with calories
Children in Blended Families Still Close to Biological Mothers
Many Kids Under 15 Watch Violent Movies