Blog | Monday, August 25, 2008

Medical News of the Obvious

For whatever reason, studies about teens and young adults always seem to be chock full of obviousness. To wit:

Teenagers who live in households where smoking is allowed are more likely to think that smoking is socially acceptable, a new study finds.

What kind of students cheat? Dishonest ones, a study from Ohio State University reveals. Yep, the cheaters scored lower on measures of honesty (as well as empathy and courage) than the non-cheaters.

(Ok, so that last one's not medical, but it was too good to resist.)

And finally, here is one which-- like most of these studies we playfully mock-- is only "obvious" in a very superficial way:

The reason that DEET works against mosquitoes is because they can't stand the smell, Healthday reports.

Never thought I'd have something in common with a mosquito (besides an occasional tendency to whine)...