Blog | Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Acronym fatigue

Do you know your EHR from EMR from PHR? How about whether you're dealing with an HIE or an HIO?

The EHR vs. EMR issue seems to be one of the most perplexing and commonly confused. According to a report which The National Alliance for Health Information Technology (or NAHIT, if you needed another acronym) put together to explain the terms to the government (comforting to know they're so on top of it, isn't it?), an EMR is a electronic record that is confined to a single office's computer system, and EHRs are interoperable with other health care providers/facilities.

Presumably then what most people would want is an EHR. But, according to this article from a software advice firm, more web searches are conducted for EMRs than EHRs. Guess a lot of us are confused about this. Check out the NAHIT report for the full explanation of these terms and other confusing HIT (sorry, health information technology) terminology.

Now if only we could get our Microsoft Word to stop auto-correcting EHR to HER, we'd be all set.