Blog | Monday, September 29, 2008

Medical news of the obvious

Apparently, we weren't all born with little chips in our brain that direct us to binge drink at age 17 when the 'rents are out of town. Nope, drinking is actually influenced by our cultural environment.

Also, cancer is stressful and poor balance increases fracture risk.

And from the world of psychology, a headline that made us giggle:

"Facebook profiles can be used to detect narcissism," University of Georgia researchers report.

Quoth the press release: "'We found that people who are narcissistic use Facebook in a self-promoting way,' said lead author Laura Buffardi, a doctoral student in psychology."

People who choose glamour shots (vs. snapshots) as their main profile pix are more likely to be narcissists, as are people with a whole lot of friends-- because narcissists tend to have "numerous, yet shallow," relationships, the study found.

Don't worry, though: Having a Facebook profile in and of itself does not mean you are a narcissist. Having a blog, on the other hand...

(A very special thanks to our reader, tantheman, for submitting the Obvious item about fractures. Keep those suggestions comin', folks! )