Blog | Thursday, September 11, 2008

MRSA mutterings

In case there's anyone who hasn't already heard all about the disease, the CDC is launch a MRSA awareness campaign. The project aims to teach parents how to reduce their children's risk of acquiring community MRSA--basically by maintaining proper hygiene. According to the press release, they'd also like health care professionals to get involved in the education effort.

More glamorous MRSA-reduction projects were unveiled at the recent meeting of the Society for General Microbiology. A British study found that a paint which contained particles of titanium dioxide killed MRSA when it absorbed ultraviolet or infrared light, reported the Washington Post. And, cited in the same story, another piece of preliminary research determined that putting a certain green dye in infected wounds killed off the bacteria.

But for now, the experts said, the best way to not spread MRSA is still the simplest--wash your hands.