Blog | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your patients may not listen to you...

...but they remember every piece of advice that Dr. House offers. A new Kaiser poll (reported in USA Today) found that a substantial portion of TV viewers (45% to be exact) remembered that HIV transmission from mother to child could be prevented in 98% of cases after they heard Dr. Izzy Stephens of Grey's Anatomy tell a patient the statistic.

Meanwhile, Newsweek reports that more pharma companies (perhaps those who read the Kaiser study) are trying to get the names of their drugs worked into TV plotlines. The article's author suggests that similar techniques could be used to promote the use generic drugs. Interesting idea, although I'm not sure I can picture the guys from Scrubs cracking jokes about sildenafil citrate.

Either way, this research appears to confirm that the best way to get your patients to absorb health information is not reminder postcards, waiting-room posters, or teachback, but having a sexy celebrity explain it.