Blog | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attack of the Cuban chickens

We haven't heard much lately about bird flu (maybe because the apparent collapse of our economy is enough for everyone to worry about), but a recent Associated Press article points out a new way in which Americans are not prepared for the possible pandemic.

Despite the hassle we've given the Indonesians over their refusal to share bird flu samples, the U.S. actually has a law on the books that would prevent (or at least delay) the sharing of vaccines with any of the Axis of Evil countries (including North Korea, which is in prime bird flu territory, and Cuba, which is just a bird flight away).

Not clear how much of a problem this is, since no one knows how long it would take to cut through the red tape if sharing were necessary. It's also unclear whether the regulation has any merit, since scientists quoted in the story say the chances of terrorists using vaccines to develop weaponized bird flu are extremely slim.

Just another thing to keep you up at night...