Blog | Monday, October 20, 2008

Ill-advised session titles

In perusing the online schedule for the Chest 2008 conference (Oct. 25-30 in Philly), I've discovered an atypical attention to alliteration. Here are the titles of three sessions in a row:

Peculiar Pleural Problems
Perplexing Pulmonary Pressures
Propitious Pleural Problems

"Propitious?" Holy 800 SAT Verbal!

Then the next day we have these:

Pulmonary Puzzlers
Miscellaneous Mish Mash
Capricious Cancer Cases

Followed by:

Extraordinary Endobrachial
Malevolent Mestastacies
Wild ILD
Freakish Fevers

Speaking of freakish, how about this title:

"Surgeons: 6, Mortality: 0".

I, for one, am intrigued.

Then we have those titles that fall into the category of overly-sweeping and grandiose. Like this one:

"Women and Tobacco: A lesson for mankind"

Finally, there is an event called "Asthma Bingo" in the exhibit hall, with the prize being a free CPAP machine. (just kidding. The prize is a laptop.) Instead of numbers, do they shout out allergens? ("B- Dander!" "G-Pollen!")

I can't wait to find out.