Blog | Monday, October 13, 2008

Medical news of the obvious

The days are getting shorter and colder, the leaves are turning, and researchers want to get their studies published before the holidays. You know what that means: It's harvest time for some really obvious news.

Like this: A new study reports city kids like to go to corner stores to buy unhealthy snacks and drinks on their way to and from school! And here we thought those gaggles of backpacked youth down the block were just popping in for some fruit and a new set of pencils.

Also, the tanking of the U.S.-- nay, the global!-- economy is, like, stressing people out, the Washington Post reports.

Don't let that stress lead you to take up smoking, though....the latest research is that smoking is bad for you! Archives of Internal Medicine reports that men who never smoke live longer and better lives than heavy smokers. "Health-related quality of life appears to deteriorate as the number of cigarettes smoked per day increases," explains a helpful news release.