Blog | Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for something besides medicine

This afternoon, I attended an ACR session on part-time medicine. A lot of the described advantages and disadvantages were ones you might have guessed (advantage: more free time, disadvantage: less money), but one speaker made some interesting points about the relative merits of working part-time vs. job sharing.

A lot of it comes down to overhead and benefits. Part-timers may be expected by their partners to continue covering an equal share of the overhead, but job-sharers may not be able to get full benefits. The speaker was a fan of job sharing, which she herself does, but she noted that finding a very compatible partner is of course a pre-requisite to making it work.

Both speakers said that it's usually better to cut back on the number of days you work rather than the number of hours, because a half-day will easily slide into a full day as patients and paperwork pile up. All in all, they made part-time work sound pretty lovely. Anyone want to be half of a medical reporter?

(Just kidding, unless you're willing to do half the work while I get all the salary.)