Blog | Friday, November 14, 2008

Celebrating World Diabetes Day with a splash

Color-coding of disease awareness has become pretty standard--we all know about red dresses for heart disease and the ACP building was bathed in pink light last month to recognize breast cancer.

But the International Diabetes Foundation has taken things to a new level. Today is World Diabetes Day, and to recognize that, a famous Belgian statue of a small boy is peeing blue. (You know, because diabetes makes you pee, and well, blue wasn't taken by any high-profile disease yet.) They've also got some interesting fundraisers going on, like Desert Dingo Racing.

All in support of a good cause though--raising awareness of diabetes in children. We all know about the obesity-driven increase in type 2 diabetes among juveniles, but type 1 is also on the rise, according to the IDF, increasing 5% per year in pre-school children. Which seems like a lot, doesn't it?