Blog | Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekly news translated to Japanese

The American College of Physicians has international reach, and one example of that is how ACP InternistWeekly gets translated into Japanese.

In October 2005, the Japanese Chapter's governor, Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MACP, suggested translating ACP InternistWeekly as a way to inform Japanese chapter members in their native language and enrich the chapter's Web site.

Haruko Miyamoto, the chapter's coordinator, explains that the chapter created a Publication Committee of 32 volunteers specifically to translate the news. Each week, three members translate and a fourth person becomes an editor.

ACP InternistWeekly distributes on Tuesday in the U.S., which is Wednesday in Japan. Members translate the blurbs by Thursday, and the editor checks the translation by Monday morning. The final translations distribute to the chapter's 919 members by e-mail on Monday, and they are also posted on the Web site, which saw a steady rise in readership immediately after posting the content. The final product looks like this:

It is up to each week's editor to address quirks. Some elements may get cut, such as U.S. regulatory actions. Some phrases are tough to translate, such as the cartoon caption contest, called "Put words in our mouth." And, ACP InternistWeekly doesn't publish after some American holidays, so there's no news in Japan following Thanksgiving, Memorial Day or Martin Luther King Day, for example.