Blog | Monday, December 22, 2008

Medical news of the obvious

In its best medical discoveries of 2008, NYU Langone Medical Center claims to have solved the problem of MRSA in the hospital. Before arriving for joint replacement or spinal surgery, patients are tested for staph. If they're infected, they get an antibiotic.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Missouri were shocked to discover that there are a number of adjectives used to describe intoxication and that gender differences exist in the use of these words. "Men tended to use heavy-intoxication words more than women, which were also relatively more forceful in their tone, such as 'hammered.' Women tended to use moderate intoxication words more than men, which were also relatively more euphemistic, such as 'tipsy.' This is similar to other gender differences in slang usage, for example, men 'sweat' and women 'glow,'" a researcher told the Washington Post. Here at ACP Internist, we prefer to gender-neutrally perspire while we're getting wasted.

This might be stretching it even more than usual, but we couldn't resist: Anyone who has ever owned a dog, then brought another animal (or an infant) into the home knows: Dogs can get jealous.