Blog | Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clean and green

Maybe you've already been convinced by our Green Medicine series (here and here) that making your medical practice environmentally friendly is worth the effort. If not, your nurses might start lobbying for greening, too, based on the results of a new study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

In a study which included more than 900 Texas nurses, those who regularly cleaned medical instruments were 67% more likely to have newly diagnosed asthma and those who worked with solvents and glues were 51% more likely to report asthma symptoms. Time to throw out that glutaraldehyde, or at least get your nurse a mask, the authors suggested to the Washington Post.

In other green medical news, the Teleosis Institute is offering a new toolkit to help you set up a medication take-back program (the subject of an upcoming article in ACP Internist). Ordering is online, but it does cost $95.