Blog | Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let them eat drugs: An update

An official tip of the hat today to the CDC.

Back in January, we wrote about how grocery store pharmacies were handing out free generic antibiotics....and how this might not be such a great way to curb the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Today, the New York Times reports that the CDC has sent letters to these places, asking them to dole out their medi-candy carefully. Of particular concern, says the article, is the fact that the stores are linking the drug giveaways to cold and flu season, thus intimating that antibiotics can cure these viral conditions. So the CDC basically said "Hey. Cut it out."

True, the CDC took a couple months to get around to doing this. And cold and flu season is already winding down. But if this had been in the hands of certain other three-lettered government agencies, it might not have happened till next Halloween.