Blog | Monday, March 9, 2009

Medical news of the obvious

When it rains, it pours...and there were hurricane-like conditions in Obvious News Country this week. Pull up a chair and watch the storm with us:

  • People in unhappy marriages are more likely to be depressed, say psychologists at the University of Utah. Wives, in particular, have a higher risk of metabolic syndrome (and heart disease) if their marriages are strained. "Improving aspects of intimate relationships might help your emotional and physical well-being," researchers helpfully advised in a release.
  • Attention, parents! Swimming lessons for young kids do NOT increase their risk of drowning. In fact, the lessons "appear to have a protective effect," the NIH pronounced. (Your tax dollars at work, folks.)
  • When asked to turn down their Ipods, teens are more likely to crank the volume. Also, teens listen at a higher volume than adults!
  • Another thing about teens: If they wear t-shirts and baseball hats with beer and booze labels on them, they are more likely to be binge drinkers. You are warned.
  • On that topic, television commercials about drinking make you want to drink, Healthday reports. Madison Avenue breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news...and poured itself a tall one.