Blog | Monday, April 27, 2009

Medical news of the obvious

What was it that Tolstoy said about happy families? That all research about them will have the same, obvious results?

Anyway, this week we learned that mothers actually serve a purpose. A new study found that the children of women in the military misbehave while their mothers are deployed. Special obvious commendation goes to this somewhat off-topic quote that made it into the HealthDay coverage. "Women find meaning in this work, just as a man finds meaning in this work," she said. "Like dads, moms feel they are contributing to a greater good in the world."

And, in case you parents were thinking of risking the likely consquences and getting away from the kids, you might want to know that hanging out at the beach is less stressful than ekeing out an existence in Appalachia. That's right, according to CDC reports, Hawaiians report less mental distress than the rest of the country, while residents of Kentucky and West Virginia have the most. No word on how those stats compare to the unhappiness of residents of 19th century Russia, though.

Next time the family piles into the station wagon for a vacation (Appalachian get-away, perhaps?), remember that aggressive driving is responsible for 56% of fatal crashes nationwide, said the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. AAA defines commonly witnessed behaviors as aggressive: speeding (a factor in a third of crashes) is only 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. Also cited were running red lights and speeding through yellows, blocking others trying to pass, tailgating, forcing others to speed, driving on the shoulder and failure to yield.