Blog | Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to annoy a reporter

I spent the past two days at ACP's Leadership Day and full coverage of the event will appear in the July issue of ACP Internist. You can also read more on the ACP Advocate blog. But there will be a few things missing from the story, because the congressional staff and presidential advisors who spoke to attendees insisted on being "off the record." Of course, politicians live in fear of the press, and they know how easily blogs and youtube can shoot a misspoken word around the globe. But somehow I thought the result of that would be that they thought before they spoke, not that they would forbid the 400 people hearing their speech from repeating what they said. So, sadly, frustratingly, I can't tell you details, but take my word for it that the Democrats are really fired up about making health care reform happen now. And, if you want the inside scoop, I guess you'll just have to come to DC yourself next year.