Blog | Thursday, May 14, 2009

A light breakfast

Regular readers of this blog know that our conference coverage usually serves as an opportunity not only to pick up clinical knowledge, but also to conduct some zoological observations of physicians in their natural habitat.

Along these lines, I'm pleased to report that attendees at the Society of General Internal Medicine's annual meeting practice the healthy eating that they preach. At this morning's buffet, piles of muffins and danishes sat untouched while people formed a LINE at the fruit table!

Those docs were probably glad of their restraint when keynote speaker Robert H. Brook, MD, took the stage. As a solution to the obesity epidemic, he advocated decreasing the availability of the food supply. For example, for his office at RAND, Dr. Brook has pushed for the elimination of all food outside the cafeteria and replacing buffets with calorie-limited servings.

He had similarly harsh prescriptions for practitioners of general internal medicine--think procedures and meds instead of snack food. More on that in my next post.