Blog | Friday, September 11, 2009

What did Obama mean?

Obama's nod to malpractice reform got Republicans on their feet the other night, but he was wisely vague about his specific intentions. A Washington Post article helpfully explains what the administration's approach to malpractice reform would likely really entail. As with the whole overall, the current plan sounds like it's along the lines of what he talked about during the campaign. Gets points for consistency, at the very least.

And, to compensate, some light reading for a gloomy (at least here in Philly) Friday afternoon--a CDC report of preschool teachers accidentally eating brownies spiked with pot. A couple of notes: First, California's medicinal marijuana laws must have made the drug awfully easy to come by that magic brownies are now selling on the street for $1.50. Second, one of the teachers went to the hospital and was treated with antibiotics. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure "being sky high" is an off-label use for any antibiotic.