Blog | Monday, November 9, 2009

QD: News Every Day--health reform ready to reconcile

ACP Internist's daily digest of news and events continues with updates from the weekend's passage of health reform in the U.S. House, a global look at H1N1 influenza, and a look at a local hospitals attempt to make a profit by hiring an internist.

Health care reform
Health care passed in the U.S. House over the weekend, and now pressure is on to reconcile it all in the Senate and with the White House. (Kaiser Health News, New York Times, Los Angeles Times)

H1N1 influenza
It hasn't been just H1N1 influenza vaccines in short supply. Hand sanitizers are also evaporating in the face of increased demand. One manufacturer is running its plants around the clock with increased workers, and has asked customers not to stockpile. (CNN)

Globally, an Amazon tribe faces hundreds of infected members and possibly seven deaths from H1N1. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's health minister received the H1N1 vaccination on television to calm fears and encourage vaccination among those participating in the Hajj, the once-a-lifetime pilgrimage required of Muslims. (BBC, CNN International)

New Scientist examines H1N1's impact throughout history.

Smoking cessation
America's new "anti-smoking czar" lays out his goals as head of the FDA's new agency, the Center for Tobacco Products: reduce youth smoking rates, reduce tobacco-related disease, and inform the public about tobacco products' ingredients. (Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky.)

In case you missed it ...
Unicoi County Memorial Hospital in Tennessee was losing money. The hospital's auditor helpfully suggested, "We'd always like to see the hospital have an income." So board members hired an internist and a surgeon to join the staff. Read about their gamble to break even. (The Erwin Record)