Blog | Monday, December 7, 2009

Medical News of the Obvious

The selections this week are not so much obvious as they are fruitless. Call it "Medical News that is Likely to be Ignored."

A new study "provides evidence that the average cigarette is crawling with germs, including bacteria that cause respiratory disease," HealthDay reports. Because, of course, smokers typically have shown great concern about protecting themselves from respiratory disease. This research is in its early stage and the experts expressed a "need to figure out if they [the bacteria] are impacting human health." Would that mean that cigarettes are impacting human health, too?

There's bad news for ecstasy users, too. If you're not already bleary-eyed from raving all night, sleep apnea might be impairing your rest. A comparison of 71 ecstasy users with controls found an association between the drug and sleep apnea, reported WebMD. "The scientists...say doctors should warn young people that the drug 'damages their brains' and may cause sleep apnea." Hmm, which half of that warning do you find more attention-grabbing?