Blog | Wednesday, December 2, 2009

QD: News Every Day--Senate considers a plan B

ACP Internist's daily digest of news and events continues with an update on the Senate's progress on health care reform.

Health care reform
Voting is expected to begin today on amendments to the Senate's health care reform legislation. Contentious issues include funding and abortion, but also under consideration is $2 billion more funding over 10 years to create 2,000 residency slots at large teaching hospitals in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York. (Washington Post)

A pubic option plan B is scheduled to debut next week in the Senate. Meant to appease divergent sides in the debate, it could include a national insurance program managed by a non-governmental board that would operate alongside other options already proposed by the existing bill. (The Hill)

Having trouble following it all? The AP created a chart of the remaining steps for passage (if it ever comes to that).