Blog | Thursday, January 28, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Health care reform scarce in presidential address

ACP Internist's wrap-up of current events looks at a lack of attention to health care reform in the State of the Union address. For those keeping track, President Barack Obama didn't mention health care until a half-hour into his nearly 70-minute speech. When he did, it was nine paragraphs out of 112. He vowed to keep pushing for reform, but didn't lay out any specifics. (New York Times, White House transcript, The Hill, Politico)

dentist by ^@^ina  via FlickrPrimary care shortage
Dentists want to screen their patients for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. More than three-quarters of nearly 2,000 dentists surveyed thought it was important for them to screen for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis and HIV. Two-thirds would tell the patients the results right away and nearly all would refer for primary care treatment. (And of course, four out of five dentists still recommend a certain brand of gum.)