Blog | Tuesday, January 26, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Health reform reconciliation (for Democrats, anyway)

ACP Internist's wrap-up of current events looks at an agreement to try to salvage health care reform legislation.

Health care reform
Democrats will use a legislative maneuver called reconciliation to pass health care reform legislation. The procedure bypasses the Democrat's lost filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. In short, the House will modify the Senate's legislation with enough changes to try to pass it in both Chambers. Reconciliation hadn't been a popular option before today's announcement. (San Diego Union-Tribune, Politico, Boston Globe)

The White House continues to mull over what's achievable. To avoid being perceived as trying to push through health care policy, it had sought cooperation with Republicans on the low-hanging fruit--capping medical malpractice, buying insurance across state lines and tax credits for those buy their own insurance. But Republicans aren't necessarily in agreement on those very issues, which couldn't pass a Republican-controlled Senate in the 90s and 00s. (New York Daily News, NPR)

Patient-centered medical home
Carilion Clinic Family Medicine's Parkway Vinton practice describes how it implemented the patient-centered medical home. Care coordinators, a new role in the practice, track patients with chronic illnesses, ensure screening tests are up to date, answer questions and locate community support. The National Committee for Quality Assurance certified the practice its first Level-3 Patient-Centered Medical Home in the state. (Roanoke Times)

In case you missed it ...
Joseph Kim, MD, who hosts a blog on non-clinical physician careers, mulls over the options for doctors who want to pursue an MBA.