Blog | Tuesday, February 23, 2010

QD: News Every Day--counting down to Thursday's summit

ACP Internist continues its look at Thursday's pending health care summit. The White House released its vision of health care reform yesterday to build party unity. But it drew immediate attack by the opposition. (ACP Internist, USAToday, The Christian Science Monitor)

With states feeling the pinch of Medicare and Medicaid spending--and rebelling in some cases--the federal government is using stimulus act spending to provide $4.3 billion to states to for prescription drug costs. Governors from New York and California say more is needed. (Health Leaders Media, Reuters)

In case you missed it ...
Drug companies contributed financial support to more than half the nation's internal medicine residency programs, even though three-quarters of residency directors said such aid is "not desirable." At issue are the pocket guides, meals, office supplies and drug samples given to doctors just as they gain the power of the pen. (New York Times, JAMA)