Blog | Monday, March 15, 2010

Medical News of the Obvious

At first, the results of this study seemed totally unobvious. Researchers found that people didn't lie any more often when online dating than they did in person, reported HealthDay. Really? This finding immediately led me to wonder how many daters are wearing platform shoes and compression garments on their in-person dates.

But then it turns out the methodology was to ask people whether they lied. Mightn't the liars be likely to lie to the surveyors, too?

Regardless of whether you believe them, most of the findings were pretty entertainingly obvious: older people lied more about their age, more "extroverted" people (ahem) lied more about their past romantic experiences. And interestingly, men lied more about "how nice and polite they are," according to a study author. Can you picture that? "I told her I open doors for women, and really I never do. Heh heh."

So what's the big conclusion we can draw from all this research? Hold on to your hats. "Online daters, speed-daters, and the like seem to be just like the rest of us in most ways," said the study's author. Does that mean that the people you see on the computer are also people in real life? This is going to require further investigation.