Blog | Monday, March 15, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Health reform vote by the weekend

A vote on health care reform could come this weekend, with the House members considering whether to pass the Senate's version and then a bill of budget changes. House members are leery of the upper chamber's following through. The Majority Whip is trying to ensure there will be enough votes for passage. Abortion, immigration and costs remain key sticking points. Both sides are applying pressure to those on the fence, and Republicans are trying to make sure Democrats pay a price for victory. (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fox News, Los Angeles Times)

The impact from this weekend's vote will play out over the next decade. Primary care doctors will see a 10% payment boost from Medicare for their office, nursing home and other outpatient visits. Medicare also plans to pilot accountable care organizations that reward primary care doctors for managing multiple chronic illnesses. Doctors and hospitals would band together for payments, similar to a "Mayo Clinic model." (AP) [Editor's note: This post originally stated the legislation applies to rural and inner city physicians. It applies to all physicians for the three conditions stated above.]