Blog | Tuesday, March 23, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Who will cover 32 million more patients?

Debate continues today in the Senate on the fixes to health care legislation that passed in the House Sunday night and was signed just before noon today by President Barack Obama.

Concerned over getting stuck with supporting federal legislation, states attorneys general are gearing up to litigate a halt to the new law while opposition continues to drag out the fix-it bill's progress through the Senate. (New York Times, Reuters, Los Angeles Times)

Drug makers won, device makers lost, hospitals win, but nursing homes lost, primary care doctors get a pay raise for delivering some types of care but overall, other doctors didn't win or lose. (Chicago Tribune, Kaiser Health News)

Reform covers 32 million more Americans, but where will they seek care? Physicians could (not should) increase their caseloads to 40 patients a day. But also accepting this surge of patients will be hospitals, free clinics and physicians' medical assistants. So, internists in the second half of this report explain their thoughts on training more primary care doctors. (KABC TV, Daily Record, TCPalm, WIS TV, WCVB TV)