Blog | Tuesday, April 13, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Sit with patients for better interaction

One in 14 Americans are using personal health records, a figure that has doubled since last year, says research by the California HealthCare Foundation. For those who keep their health information online:
--Users say they take better care of themselves, are better informed and are more involved with their doctors after using a personal health record.
--Wealthier patients are more likely to use them, but poorer patients or those with chronic illnesses are more likely to benefit.
--Two-thirds of the general public are concerned about privacy and security, but those already using them are not. And most users and non-users don't want concerns to stop them. Among non-users, 40% are interested in starting a personal health record.

They most want to use a record offered by their provider, or maybe their insurer, the research showed.

Primary care shortage
Primary care will see more funding for students and more reimbursement for primary care doctors, but the step in between, residency, remains status quo for the time being. (Wall Street Journal)

In case you missed it ...
Do you sit or stand when you consult with a patient? You can spend less time sitting and make the patient feel like you've spend more time in the room, according to a small study from the University of Kansas. The researcher also boosted his patient's satisfaction rate from 61% to 95% when sitting with patients instead. (Kansas City Star)