Blog | Thursday, April 8, 2010

QD: News Every Day--State of the states

States are varying in their reactions to health care reform:
--Wisconsin is creating an office of health care reform to develop its health insurance exchange and explain changes to constituents.
--Tennessee won a court ruling to remove 100,000 from its Medicaid rolls.
--Leaders in 18 states vow to challenge the new law in court. But in Idaho, a challenger for the governor's office proposes instead taking advantage of a federal waiver that exempts states that enact reforms that control costs and improve access better than the federal laws do. (Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Kaiser Health News, Reuters, Idaho Reporter)

At the federal level, President Barack Obama and supporters continue to try to sell the reforms to Americans while the opposition tries to figure out its next steps. "Soak the rich" might be one phrase to revive; but they'd do best to distance themselves from the tea-baggers, who have spiraled out of control. (The Hill, Los Angeles Times, USA Today)