Blog | Friday, May 14, 2010

QD--News Every Day: Government to crack down on Medicare fraud

U.S. government officials are hoping that increasing fraud enforcement will pay off. The government will spend more than $350 million during in the next decade to identify and fight fraud. Some new measures include fingerprinting providers, site visits and background checks before billing Medicare and Medicaid, and withholding payments if an investigation is pending. The government is also concentrating on suspicious companies and on areas prone to fraud: south Florida and Tampa, Fla; Los Angeles; Houston; Detroit; Brooklyn; and Baton Rouge, La. The incentive is to recoup even more money from fraud. Investigations garnered $2.5 billion last year, a 29% increase over 2008. The U.S. Senate is also holding hearings into practices by some home health care companies' practices and their relationships with referring doctors. (Kaiser Health News, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal)