Blog | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

QD: News Every Day--What smartphone are you using?

An eye-popping statistic shows that 94% of doctors have adopted smartphones, in part to keep up with an information glut. A consulting group released results of 100 in-depth interviews with physicians working in acute and ambulatory care environments in numerous specialties nationwide. The physicians used the phones to communicate, manage personal/business workflows, and access information, including medical reference materials. (In case you're curious about what your peers are using, 44% use an iPhone and 25% use a Blackberry.)

This growth in adoption--a 60% increase since 2006--isn't surprising, since the same survey reported that doctors' biggest challenges are communicating with colleagues in a timely manner, the volume of communications with patients and the entire care team, and the different platforms (e-mail, voice mail, pager, etc.) needed to keep up with it all.

But one early adopter, Rob Lamberts, ACP Member, cautions that while the new technology can help, it isn't yet.