Blog | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick tips on implementing an EHR

Dr. Jay Anders, the CMO of EHR vendor MED3000, offered a few tips during an MGMA session on implementing an EHR successfully:
  • Make a clear communication pathway. Everyone needs to know what's going on, from the physicians to the receptionist.
  • Clearly identify the needs of every physician who is going to use the EHR. The needs of an internal medicine doctor aren't the same as a dermatologist. Make sure the EHR meets those needs.
  • Get a physician champion for the EHR who will be responsible for talking about the project to peers and answering questions, and be the first person to implement it. Pay that person for his or her time spent in championing duties.
  • Some people need more time than others. Don't let a resistant doctor stop the implementation. Develop a plan for dealing with resisters that includes how you'll respond to negative comments, how to implement other colleagues despite the resister, and how to sell the benefits of the EHR to the resister.
  • Expect the EHR implementation to be time-neutral. Most EHRs don't save time; their value is in improved patient care and documentation, which leads to better reimbursement.