Blog | Wednesday, November 3, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Health care in a divided Congress

Republicans who'd opposed health care reform before the election are now elected officials with a say in how the programs are funded. At federal and state levels, the program's opponents either have a larger voice or are now in charge of implementing elements of reform. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid said he'd consider adjustments to health care reform.

Frightened seniors flipped toward opposition to health care reform, while flipping on the issue may have saved a few Democrats. Exit polling showed 48% would repeal health care reform, 16% would leave it as is and 31% would expand it.

Now that Republicans have a larger say in the matter, take a look at their plan for health care in A Pledge to America, starting on page 25, and decide for yourself. (New York Times, Kaiser Health News, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Politico, CBS News,