Blog | Thursday, May 19, 2011

QD: News Every Day--7% of physicians adopted video chat with patients

Seven percent of U.S. physicians use online video conferencing to communicate with any of their patients, according to a study of physician digital adoption trends.

The study captures a snapshot of technology, including mobile platforms, electronic health records, electronic prescribing and interaction with patients, pharmaceutical and health care market research company Manhattan Research said in a press release.

Psychiatrists and oncologists are more likely to be using video conferencing with patients. But physicians added that reimbursement, liability and privacy are still major barriers to communicating online with patients.

Major findings include:
--Physician smartphone ownership has risen in the past decade:
2001: 30%
2004: 40%
2007: 50%
2009: 64%
2010: 72%
2011: 81%
--75% of U.S. physicians own an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
--30% of U.S. physicians own an iPad and an additional 28% plan to purchase one within the next six months.
--Physicians expressed strong interest in being able to access electronic medical records through the iPad.

The survey was the latest in an annual series focused on how U.S. physicians use the Internet, digital media, mobile devices and other technologies for professional purposes and patient interaction. It was conducted among 2,041 U.S. practicing physicians, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, cardiologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists and OB/GYNs.