Blog | Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tell 'em what you think.

ACP members went to Washington to lobby their elected officials yesterday, but in a pre-Leadership Day speech, Nancy Nielsen, MACP (who was once profiled in ACP Internist and now serves as a senior advisor at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation) encouraged docs to give a piece of their minds to CMS, as well.

Comments on proposed rules for accountable care organizations are being accepted until June 6, she noted, and doctors should get involved in the discussion about how ACOs will be paid for the improved care they provide.

"The important thing here is for you to comment on this," said Dr. Nielsen. "Would you need an infusion of cash up front to do whatever it is you need to do? Or would it be more helpful to have it as a per beneficiary per month payment you can count on? You want to think about that and comment on it. You might have some other ideas about how the advance payment ought to be distributed."