Blog | Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 eyes for looking at disease

Hypothesis: All disease is caused by some combination of:

Injury (caused by an exogenous agent, this would include hemorrhage)

Inflammation (caused by the human organisms response to injury)

Immune (caused by under, over, or inappropriate response of the human self-defense mechanism)

Infection (caused by an exogenous microbial vector)

Ischemia (caused by lack of blood flow)

Inadequacy (caused by mechanical failure)

Incompetence (caused by physiological failure, heart failure would presumably fall in both)

Intoxication (caused by poison)

Iatrogenic (caused by doctors)

Idiopathic (caused by an unclear reason that is not included in the above, the cop-out)

ACP Member Mike Aref, MD, PhD, is an academic hospitalist with an interest in basic and clinical science and education, with interests in noninvasive monitoring and diagnostic testing using novel bedside imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning, medical informatics, new medical education modalities, pre-code/code management, palliative care, patient-physician communication, quality improvement, and quantitative biomedical imaging. This post originally appeared at his blog, I'm dok.